Rec Center Grand Opening

We’re proud to announce the official Grand Opening of the new Wanaque Community Center on Friday, May 5th @ 6pm!

This rec center is for Haskell and Wanaque residents

We will have an official ribbon cutting at 6:15 pm. (Old St Francis school)

The days and hours we will be open will be announced very soon along with any more information that will be needed. We are currently working on setting up a recreation center website where all the information will be posted. Please wait for that website to be set before you bombard me with questions. I would appreciate that.

We will be looking for volunteers to help us during the week to either sit at the front desk checking people in or out or to sit in the main room pretty much babysitting the room. A list will be out soon for you to sign up. We need the volunteers or the center cannot open.

Monday, May 1st , Tues May 2nd and if needed Wed May 3rd we will be putting our recreation room together as well as our toddler/ lounge room. We have a lot of furniture to move, foosball table legs to be put on, ping pong tables to set up, tables and chairs to be put up, TV‘s to be set up, and much more.


We will start at 9 am and continue throughout the day. ( I’m personally on jury duty this week so I hope when I call I don’t have to show ) but the show must go on. If I am not on jury duty I will be here from 9 am till probably 9 pm.

If you can give us any help, it would be appreciated.

This is going to be great for our community. With the help of our residents, this center will be a success.

Email Paul if you can help.